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Stock updates – Dark Moon, Coup G54, Mission: Red Planet

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Hey Everyone, just a quick stock update. We sold out of a couple games at the last game day, and I was able to get them back in stock for anyone interested. 




We’ve got a couple copies of the hit coop game, “Dark Moon”, which feels like you’re playing through the movie, “The Thing”.

dm dm1

We’ve added the newly released Coup G54, which has 25 different characters that you randomly add to make up 5 roles, each with slight variations on the characters you’re used to playing with. For example, the Crime Boss: Pick a target who must pay you two credits or you pay 5 credits to assassinate, which replaces the traditional assassin.

Coup_Rebllion_g541 coupg541

We’ve also got a couple copies of one of the more recent reprints, Mission: Red Planet. From the FFG website: In Mission: Red Planet, two to six players compete to control as much of Mars and its priceless natural resources as they possibly can. This edition maintains the core mechanics of this fast-paced game while incorporating updates by the original designers. Astronauts can land in a new zone, the moon Phobos, and the Soldier can convey astronauts from Phobos to anywhere on Mars. Missions and Discoveries have been fine-tuned, and new Action Cards join the Event deck. The game can now handle six players, with rules for a two-player variant also included. What’s more, the Victorian steampunk aesthetic has been refreshed with all-new graphic design for a more contemporary look.

mrp mrp1

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  1. I also got a copy of Jamaica for anyone interested.

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