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Expansion news – Camel Up Supercup & Istanbul Mokka und Bakschisch!!

I had an amazing weekend, thanks to everyone that came out to our weekend long game day!! 

So again in the category of “Take my money!!!”  both Camel Up! and Istanbul are getting expansions THIS YEAR.

I need to know who’s interested, so please email me if you want copies of either. Details below!



Istanbul: Mokka & Bakschisch

Fine fabrics, fine spices and fresh fruit in Istanbul ensured already for good business. But now the Bazaar visitors have a new delicacy for herself coffee. The demand for the aromatic drink is so increased that the shrewd traders want to jump on the bandwagon with the delicious bean. However, in order to pass the new challenge, they are also in need of support, beyond those of their assistants. For example, since the guests of the tavern have just located that show up against a baksheesh happy to help.
The first extension of the “connoisseur Game of the Year” in 2014, Mocha & baksheesh, this brings four new places, more interaction between players and new ways to attain the coveted rubies. The favorite of all games Bazaar Kenner just got a little more attractive.

CamelUpSuperCup1Camel Up Supercup:

After having Camel Up was a game for up to 8 players with the “Game of the Year” for the first time, the kamelischen Scammers offer something extra: For the Supercup up to ten betting joyful players can drive the camels through the desert and the risky Tips Search wealth. And of course the new race also offers new possibilities, enabling around the photographer’s platelets can pay the shots spectacular racing moments royally. And the juicy coconuts from the palm grove make even the lamest camel again on their toes.

The hugely successful Camel Up goes the Supercup in the next round. During the fast flow and the turbulent situation of the basic game are maintained, ensures the expansion for even more excitement on the racetrack and on race switch.



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