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Welcome to Bad Zero Games. Thank you for stopping by!

What we do:

Once per month, I host a game day, where I ‘pop-up’ at a location in Fairfield, or Suisun, CA. I bring a huge library of games for you and your family to play. There is a $5.00 admission price to get in, but that gets you access to 50 games to learn and play (and growing, we’re always adding new games to our library). I also sell all my games and accessories at 20% below the MSRP and when you spend $25.00 or more, you get $5.00 off. If you think about it, that’s $20.00 for a family of 4 to come play games together (and with others) all day (noon to 10:00pm). That’s cheaper than just about any other entertainment around! Plus, you don’t have to fuss over rule books (unless you want to), our game advisers will get you into the game quickly and help out when questions arise!

Our Story:

My wife and I have always enjoyed hosting family and friends for regular BBQs and get-togethers. As part of our normal gatherings, we’d always end up playing board games and card games like Apples to Apples, or Cards Against Humanity. Late last year, a friend introduced me to Lords of Waterdeep. As I sat there playing this new style of worker placement game, (new to me, at least), I was taken back to my early teen years when my dad and I would play games like Axis & Allies, Risk, and Supremacy on the weekends. I was hooked.

I started researching modern designer board games and fell in love with the art, mechanics, themes and player interaction. As a life-long video gamer, I’ve played just about every type of online game, and while it’s great, there is just something so much more interesting and fulfilling in sitting across the table from someone and intensely competing to defeat them, or just having a really good time playing a game among friends. There are so many different styles of games, from what some refer to as “multiplayer solitaire” in games like Agricola, where you compete to build the best farm (It’s way more awesome than that makes it sound), to heavy interaction with other players in games like Cosmic Encounter, where you’re an alien race working to colonize other players planets!

Around April of 2014, looking to play more games with a regular group of people with the same passion for board games as me. I was able to find a great group of people to play with in the Fairfield area by searching for players on Board Game Geek’s website, and I started hosting a weekly game night at my house. As I looked for players, I noticed that there weren’t many groups, and not a single dedicated board game store in the Fairfield area, and as we started to meet up more often, it became clear to me that Fairfield needed one.

After a reading about a pop-up game store in Atlanta on www.reddit.com, and a gentle nudge from my friends John and Jaime (they run the best comic book store in the world over at www.waterfrontcomics.com), Bad Zero Games was born.

Where’d the name come from?

The name came from a conversation I had way back in about 2001 with some friends at a party. I worked in IT and was (still am) an avid gamer and tech geek. We were discussing hardware, and the software that runs it and I said, “All it takes is one bad zero and you’re toast”, or something to that effect. Years later, I kept coming back to the idea of Bad Zero…something…and since you never want to roll a 0 when you play games, Bad Zero Games became our name. Plus, in the world of board games, sometimes it’s good to be bad!

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