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Stock updates: Dead of Winter, Abyss: Kraken

deadofwinterI have 6 copies of Dead of Winter in stock ($48.99). They’re available first come-first serve, so get your copy before the holiday! I also have a couple Kodiak Colby and Felicity Day promo cards/characters available as well. If you’d like a copy for pick up this weekend, please let me know via email, text, or you can call me (415) 606-0242.








ASMABY03US_lAlso available is the new expansion for Abyss, titled Kraken ($24.99).


Smugglers Guild settled in the heart of the giant sea creatures cemetery, in the darkest depths of the Deep kingdom. In this disconcerting necropolis, with the help of mysterious Krakkens, representatives of Guilds are trading NEBULISES. Nebulises, wonderful black pearls, are the unofficial currency of the realm. That’s money stained with blood. They accelerate your way to power, but be careful, because those who are caught on their possession awaits a terrible fate!

Abyss: Kraken is the first expansion for Abyss.

When playing with the Kraken expansion, base game rules doesn’t change, although new elements are added.


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