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Our February game day was awesome – thank you all!

What a fun day. I got to play a couple new games and saw some of you playing your recently acquired Kickstarters; yes I was jealous!

So many of you have told your friends and families about our game days and I am eternally grateful. Seeing all new faces each month makes me so happy; it’s the greatest compliment you can give me. 

I think for March I’d like to do a couple formal ‘sit down and learn a game’ sessions where we’d pick a game you want to learn, and I or someone in the group who knows it really well would schedule a time to teach the game. Would anyone be interested in this? Let me know if you’d be willing to teach a game.

We’ll have some new additions to the game library, which is getting close to 150 games (so many bins!). Send me an email if there are some upcoming titles (or past titles) that you’d like to see added to the game library and I’ll see what I can do to get them added.

And again, thank you for coming each month and sharing my love of board gaming. I look forward to seeing you in March!!



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