Feb 16

More Punishing One details revealed

276311965aAs the release of X-Wing’s eighth wave of ships possibly slips into March availability, we’re seeing more details coming in about the new upgrades available for the scum faction. I was perusing the Bay Area X-Wing facebook pageĀ and saw a comment about a new Boba Fett card coming out in the Punishing One expansion, and had to share. Follow this link to www.belloflostsouls.com. I grabbed a couple images off their site. Pay special attention to Boba Fett’s scum only crew card, which is reportedly created by X-Wing champion Paul Heaver. I’m also particularly interested in the Attanni Mindlink, which could be amazing for support ships like the HWK-290 and pilots likeĀ Palob Godalhi that can steal focus and evade tokens from enemy ships…dengar-2 boba-fett attanni-mindlink

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