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Lords Of Vegas

lordsofvegasLords of Vegas is a great game that uses dice as your ‘workers’. In this game you build casinos on the Vegas strip. You build, remodel and fight to be the ‘boss’ of a hotel. The scoring system is interesting as well. You score victory points when a card is drawn that is the same color as your hotel, so early on, single tile hotels will get you points, but once you reach 8 victory points, you need at least a 2 tile hotel. Start growing your hotels by trading or sprawling to adjacent lots or face certain defeat at the hands of larger hotels! The base game supports up to 4 players, and the “UP!” expansion supports up to 6. This game can easily replace Monopoly. There are several expansions or rule modifications you can get as well that change the way the game is played in minor, but interesting ways, such as connecting lots on different blocks together making them easier to steal from other players or re-rolling a die when you fail to reorganize a hotel (take it over from another boss). Find out more about Lords of Vegas on

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