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June 18th game day update (TLDR – Dad’s & Grad’s SALE!!!)


Coming up this Saturday, June 18th is our 2nd annual anniversary game day. This year, we’re going to be super comfy with brand new AC in the game room (they’re installing it as I type this), a fun game day game, new titles in the library, and a Dads & Grads SALE!  That’s right, we’re taking an additional 5% off on all purchases this Saturday only (That’s 25% off for you newbies!). Some restrictions apply: any special orders placed on Saturday, and X-Wing miniatures are not part of the sale, but all in-stock board games and accessories are.

And speaking of new games, I’ve got a ton of new stuff coming in, including the new “The Princess Bride” games, The Gallerist, Sushi Go! party, Castles of Burgundy: The Card game, Alien Frontiers, Keyflower, Archon, and of course our 200 plus game library! I’ll have other surprises for you as well, but I’m not saying anything, you have to come out to see!


If you’re coming (and I hope you are, this is a big day!), and you want to play or learn a specific game, just send me an email, or contact me via the meetup and I’ll do my best to get you and a couple others together to play.

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