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Interesting games from Gencon 2015 / August Game Day updates

Gen-Con-2015Gencon ended about a week ago, and September is gearing up to be an awesome month of releases. I’ve got a ton of stuff on pre-order, so if you’re looking for a specific game, please let me know ASAP. While browsing the boardgames subreddit, I came across David Childer’s fantastic image gallery from this year’s Gencon. He was cool enough to let me share it here. You can check out his photography at The Gencon gallery can be found here.

While we’re talking about games, I watched all 32 hours of the live preview stream and there are some really excellent, interesting games coming out this year (September). On my list of games I really want to play (and have on order) are:

I’m doing my best to get many of these into our demo library, and I’ll have a couple of them available to play and purchase this weekend at our August game day. I look forward to seeing you all out there!

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