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More Punishing One details revealed

276311965aAs the release of X-Wing’s eighth wave of ships possibly slips into March availability, we’re seeing more details coming in about the new upgrades available for the scum faction. I was perusing the Bay Area X-Wing facebook page and saw a comment about a new Boba Fett card coming out in the Punishing One expansion, and had to share. Follow this link to I grabbed a couple images off their site. Pay special attention to Boba Fett’s scum only crew card, which is reportedly created by X-Wing champion Paul Heaver. I’m also particularly interested in the Attanni Mindlink, which could be amazing for support ships like the HWK-290 and pilots like Palob Godalhi that can steal focus and evade tokens from enemy ships…dengar-2 boba-fett attanni-mindlink

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X-Wing wave 8 ship preview: Punishing One (Scum & Villainy)


Scum’s newest turret ship is on it’s way. Here’s a preview straight from Fantasy Flight. I can’t wait to get my hands on this ship. I hope to get them in stock before March (fingers crossed!). Check out the preview here: The Punishing One


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X-Wing stock updates M3-A and StarViper back in stock


Back in stock today are the scum & villiany faction ships, M3-A Scyk Interceptor and the StarViper. I’ve got 3 each but expect to get more soon. ;Notable ship upgrades including in the StarViper pack include Autothrusters and calculation, and the Mangler cannon in the M3-A Scyk Interceptor expansion pack.

StarViper-components M3A-components

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Exclusive X-Wing Miniatures Starter Bundle now available – $85.99 (in store only)



With the growth of our Friday night X-Wing meetups, I’m meeting a lot of first time players who are falling in love with the game (as you’d expect). Inevitably, the question of what to buy always comes up. In order to help new players quickly get into the game while also getting the best bang for their buck, I’ve come up with an X-Wing Starter Bundle.

My goal with this bundle is to get new players everything they need to be casually competitive, and able to play within minutes of their purchase, so along with the ships, we’re including 4 pre-built squads that are based on the ships you purchase. You’re able to get right into the fight, right out of the box! 

What’s included:

  • 1 Original X-Wing core set
  • 1 Force Awakens core set
  • 2 small ships of your choice (based on how you want to fly). For example, you might choose the A-Wing and the Tie Interceptor for the included ‘Push the limit’, and ‘Soontir Fel”, a great upgrade for Tycho, and a great pilot to devastate your enemies with.
  • 4 99-100 point pre-built squads based on the small ships you purchase, printed out and ready to go.
  • Just $85.99 + tax. A savings of over $30.00 when purchased separately!!!

With this bundle, you’re getting 2 sets of dice and asteroids, 8 ships, and  2 damage deck, which is everything you need to play with someone else that doesn’t have the game.